Advanced laboratory evaluations & naturopathic dispensary


Advanced laboratory evaluations

Additional and advanced laboratory options may be recommended to provide the most detailed and objective information possible from which to make clinically responsible recommendations.  

  • Basic & advanced bloodwork via Lifelabs
  • IgG Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Nutrigenomix 45-gene panel 
  • DUTCH adrenal & sex hormone panels

Laboratory tests requisitioned through Naturopathic Doctors in BC are typically not covered by extended healthcare benefit plans.  Check with your provider for more details.

Naturopathic dispensary

Having worked in the nutraceutical industry for over a decade, I believe some of the biggest value I offer my clients is the experience in discussing the cost-benefit analysis of supplements and herbal medicines.  I evaluate all products that I recommend for quality, safety and purity by ensuring the the manufacturer provides 3rd party lab analysis of finished product and Certificates of Analysis for every batch of product.  All herbal products recommended by me are standardized extracts, so that quality and effect are predictable and consistent.

Evoke Integrative Medicine, my downtown Vancouver location, boasts an herbal tincture dispensary of over 100 botanical remedies.

The professional-grade nutraceutical companies I most commonly recommend include:

  • Designs for Health
  • Mediherb
  • Nutritional Fundamentals for Health
  • Douglas Labs / Pure Encapsulations / Klean Athlete

Please note that dispensary items are not for public sale, and are only available to active clients for public safety and due to regulatory concerns.  Naturopathic remedies, herbal and nutraceutical medicines are not typically covered by extended healthcare benefit plans.  Check with your provider for details.